Safety has always been high on public and political agendas - and rightly so. This award encompasses all aspects of safety, including the safety of staff, passengers and the public. 
Although a single action relating to an event could win the award, a successful entry is more likely to recognise a change that influences safety for years to come.  It is not simply a question of resources, but about showing a really effective determination to run the safest possible railway.
Who should enter?
‚ÄčEntries may come from any team, company or organisation involved in the rail industry, including the supply chain, but all entries should show a tangible commitment to improving safety on the rail network.  Merely implementing any new legislative or other requirement will not score highly, unless the entry illustrates a particularly imaginative way of meeting or exceeding the requirement.
Judging criteria
The judges will take a range of factors into account.  However, the following are particularly relevant:
  • Has there been a measurable reduction in incidents or ‘precursor events’ or severity of effects?  Or does the entry show that risk has been reduced by the initiative?
  • Will the initiative have a long-term effect by improving safety, or is there only a short-term effect? 
  • Is the initiative being picked up in other parts of the railway? Can it be adopted by others and how are you promoting it?  

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