Open to any major project, costing around £100m or more.  (Smaller projects should normally be submitted to other categories which are relevant to their nature and focus.) It may involve trains, infrastructure, signalling, stations, improved customer facilities, new technology.  But the project should be self-contained and be substantially complete, or have reached a significant and visible interim milestone, and must have changed and improved the railway for the benefit of users.



Who should enter?

Entries can be submitted by clients, main designers or main contractors, but should identify all the major parties involved in the entry.



Judging criteria

The project should be delivering, or expected to deliver, significant quantifiable benefits to the wider economy and community, to railway operations and (most importantly) to passengers or freight customers, whether in terms of performance, customer service, efficiency, or other wider benefits.

Entries should in particular address the following issues, based on quantified evidence:

  • Has the project met its original client brief?  Were changes introduced during delivery to improve outcomes and if so how was this managed?
  • What innovations were incorporated into the project which reduced costs, reduced timescales, improved sustainability outcomes or enhanced user benefits?
  • What was the safety record of the project?  How does this compare with best practice both in the rail industry and in other sectors?
  • Was the project delivered on time and to budget?
  • What quantified user benefits were expected and are these being delivered? What assurance can be given about future benefits?
  • What lessons have been learned, and how are these being transferred to other projects?


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