We already celebrate outstanding contributions at the personal level with individual awards; here we are looking to find a great employer. This is vitally important territory at a time when the rail sector is seeking to respond to increasing challenges in both attracting a diverse and skilled workforce, retaining happy, healthy, motivated staff and demonstrating best practise in response to changing technologies and cultures.



Who should enter?

Entries will come from any rail sector business or authority — whether large or small – whether delivering services direct to customers or as part of the railway supply chain.  All entries will be expected to set out relevant programmes and initiatives, with evidence of success in staff engagement and development, resulting staff satisfaction levels, improved customer satisfaction and other business performance outcomes.



Judging criteria

The winning entry will be from an organisation (or part of an organisation) that has a clear vision, with effective and approachable leadership, and which recognises the need for change and which strongly and passionately supports the development of its whole workforce.  It will also be able to explain how its commitment to the health, happiness, success and motivation of its employees, and creation of a more diverse and inclusive workforce, is leading to measurably higher performance levels, higher customer satisfaction and better business results.

Entries should be supported by evidence from staff surveys as available showing staff satisfaction levels. Other available metrics such as rates of sickness/absence, gender and diversity pay gap progression, industrial relations information, and staff churn rates should also be provided, as well as any other relevant leading indicators.

Judges will make their assessments – taking account of the organisation’s size and role –  based on a range of factors including in particular:

  • How the organisation’s leadership is having a beneficial impact on the development of the workforce
  • How employment and business practices and culture and values are being implemented, and the difference this makes to the workforce and to customers in terms for example of trust and loyalty, supported by staff and customer feedback
  • The extent to which staff attain high levels of competence and job satisfaction, empowerment and engagement, and of physical and mental well-being, with evidence of effective programmes covering all aspects of staff care and development from recruitment to retention, through leadership, talent management, training and skills development programmes
  • Progress being made on encouraging greater diversity and inclusion and addressing any gender pay gap
  • Whether the approaches adopted and lessons learned are transferable across the wider rail sector.


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