This award will recognise a major new contribution to rail freight or logistics involving use of rail. 
Entries might relate to a specific rail freight or logistics initiative, to a combination of measures and initiatives that have enhanced the part that rail plays in supply chain and logistics activity, nationally or internationally, or to any achievement which is increasing the use of rail for freight purposes.
So an entry could be an initiative that has had a major impact, a specific one-off project, a significant switch to rail from another modeor programme or set of projects or initiatives by individuals or companies that has improved the competitiveness of rail in the supply chain and has been reflected in business growth.

Who should enter?
‚ÄčEntries could come not only from rail freight operators and their suppliers, or businesses that make significant use of rail as part of their supply chain logistics and distribution networks, but also from rail passenger operators that have added logistics facilities to their service offering.
Judging criteria
Judges will be looking for quantified evidence that the entry delivers at least one of the following:
  • Measurable benefits for the sector’s end users, freight and logistics customers;
  • Improvements in rail infrastructure provision or in freight train operational equipment or practices that demonstrably enhance the rail freight sector’s performance in areas such as safety, customer service, environmental impact, efficiency or value for money; and/or
  • Significant wider network benefits for other users of the transport system - for example, by allowing better use of  railway capacity, or by removing significant volumes of lorry traffic from the roads.

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