The purpose of this award is to highlight and reward excellence in train engineering and management covering the whole fleet in both the passenger and freight sectors.  Past winners in the fleet category have come from fleet maintenance, from refurbishment/improvement projects, as well as the introduction of brand new trains or excellent fleet management. Entries should evidence positive customer reaction, with related safety, accessibilty and performance improvements.



Who should enter?

Entries can be submitted by anyone involved in keeping trains running or introducing new fleets, from manufacturers, operators, fleet managers, depots, and fleet owners including RoSCos.



Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for clear evidence of true innovation and its positive impact on the running and effectiveness of the railways.  They will consider the following:

  • What logistical or engineering challenges had to be overcome?
  • What customer benefits have been delivered and how will these be sustained?
  • What customer satisfaction measures support the entry?
  • Have technical and financial targets been met or exceeded?
  • What is the impact on service reliability?
  • What has been delivered in terms of safety and value for money?
  • What new standards or innovations have been delivered for others to follow?


Entries should include a clear quantification of all benefits claimed (business efficiency/effectiveness customer service/experience etc.).


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