Innovation means finding new ways of doing the job or new technologies that will change the railway. It can involve radical changes in engineering or technology or to business process or to customer service. The scope can be large or small, and come from any part of the supply chain, so long as it delivers clear benefits.



Who should enter?

Entries will come from the innovator (or team) or be nominated by the client company.



Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for clear evidence of true innovation and its positive impact on the running and effectiveness of the railways.  They will consider the following criteria:

  • Is the entry a real, radical innovation for the railway industry? Where does the innovation lie on the scale from with “a first ever anywhere in any business” at one extreme to “a first for the British railway” at the other?
  • Is it really better, or just different?
  • Has anyone noticed the difference?
  • Has it improved safety, customer service or value for money? What other benefits has it delivered?
  • Are others now copying the idea?

Entries should include a clear quantification of all benefits claimed (business efficiency/effectiveness customer service/experience etc.).

Entrants are encouraged to focus on the criteria listed above to maximise their chances of being shortlisted. 


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