This award recognizes top class service for customers of all suppliers of railway services, where an organisation shows flexibility, responsibility, and a clear focus on quality of delivery that sets a new standard to deliver customer satisfaction, and which sets ambitions for the future that the industry will follow.

It could acknowledge a particular creative solution, in any part of the railway supply chain, developed by an organisation or team that has vastly improved customer experience, including safety, during the course of the year.

Entries could include, for example,  new and innovative ticketing systems, improved customer information, or a new initiative that improves the experience for passenger or freight customers or particular passenger groups, such as passengers with a disability or impaired mobility.



Who should enter?

Entries may come from train, metro and light rail operators, government (e.g. Transport for London, Transport Scotland or Nexus), customers or customer groups, or from other companies, including Network Rail, whose activities have a direct effect on customers.



Judging criteria

Entries should demonstrate initiative, creativity and evidence of a new way of thinking in delivering first-class customer service.

Specific issues which the judges will consider include:


  • Does the entry greatly improve the consistent delivery of customer experience?
  • How did customers react?
  • Would the idea be replicable across the rail network?
  • Will the initiative influence the way customer service is delivered in the future?
  • Is excellence in customer service embedded throughout the company?

Entries should include quantified evidence in support of these factors.


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