This award covers all aspects of infrastructure engineering, including for example signalling and telecommunications, power supply, digital technologies as well as civil engineering..  The entry could be a maintenance or renewal or enhancement project or programme, and could relate to any stage from design through to delivery.
Who should enter?
Entries can be submitted by clients, main designers or main contractors, but should identify all the major parties involved in the entry.
Judging criteria
The judges will particularly consider the following factors:
  • The benefit for railway operations;
  • Performance against planned schedules and budgets, and the safety record;
  • The complexity of the engineering involved, and in particular any conditions and circumstances that were unique to the entry.
  • The impact on existing railway services;
  • The extent of team working; and
  • The reaction from the client, railway operators and railway users.
The entry should contain quantified evidence on these factors

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