Why has the National Rail Awards changed to a virtual awards ceremony?

Owing to the uncertainty surrounding current restrictions on live events due to COVID-19, the National Rail Awards will be streamed this year on a virtual platform, giving you the opportunity to join the rest of the railway family to celebrate in the safety of your own home or office.


What time will the awards take place?

The Awards will be hosted virtually on Thursday 17 September from 4.00pm.


How long will the event last?

The show will conclude at approximately 5.30pm.


Is there a cost to watch the virtual event?

There will be no fees for watching the virtual event.


How do I register for the virtual event?

Please input your details here.  Make sure you register in advance, that way if you have any problems, we have time to fix them before the event.


Can I register on behalf of my colleagues?

You can either ask your colleagues to register for their own ticket at www.nationalrailawards.com or you can fill in the details on their behalf.  We encourage you to complete individual registrations for each team member (rather than forwarding on your own confirmation details) so that eveyone on the day has their own confirmation and personal link to watch the event.


Will I receive reminders from the National Rail Awards Event Team?

Yes, you will receive regular reminders and updates regarding the event.


How do I watch the virtual event on the 17th September?

On the day of the event, you will be able to just click through on your calendar notification. You will also receive an email from the Events Team on the day of the event with full viewing instructions.  From the comfort of your own home you will have the opportunity to watch the unveiling of this year’s winners on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 


Can I network at the National Rail Awards?

As well as the all-important unveiling of the winners, the virtual event also allows for the other important feature of past award ceremonies – networking. As well as a live chat feature that will allow you to share your comments publicly, you will  also be able to privately message other registered guests.

For you to take advantage of this feature we would actively encourage each individual viewer to register separately (even if you plan on watching the ceremony with your team) as this will massively increase your networking abilities on the night.


How will I get the best out of my virtual experience?

In order to benefit from the virtual awards experience, you will need to ensure that you have an appropriate internet connection (high speed internet access is recommended, at least above 5Mbps). We suggest using Google Chrome browser for the best experience.

Who can I contact if I have any queries leading up to the event?

If you have any amendments to your registration or you have any queries - please do not hesitate to contact the National Rail Awards Events Team on 01733 468123 or via [email protected]