This award can be won through the creativity and contribution of an individual, as well as a company, to an engineering idea. Entries should focus on the industry challenge to improve railway business position through reduced costs and/or improved revenue. The idea may lead to a direct reduction in engineering costs, or be an engineering-led contribution to reduced operating, maintenance, or construction costs, or allow higher revenues to be secured.

The judges will be looking for developments with potential significant industry impact. Innovations should be able to demonstrate a credibile implementation possibility.

For ideas at an early stage of development and still needing industry support, RSSB has offered to appoint a Project Mentor for the winning entry, to guide the idea through the procedures and opportunities for Funding and Safety approval.

Entries can come from the innovator (or team, possibly including the customer/user), or be nominated. Entries should show clear evidence of the true railway innovation and a positive effect on the running and effectiveness of the railways.

Genuine innovation - as opposed to refreshing something that has been done before. Is it better, cheaper, or just different?  Who has noticed the difference? What investment is required, and what return can be reasonably expected? Judges will be impressed both by scale, and rate of return. It is unlikely that this award will be won by an entry based solely, or predominantly, on software developments with minimal engineering content. Can the innovation be copied - are there other railways doing the same (or similar)?

This will be an evening where entrants will be required to present to an engineering judging panel and public audience at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Questions will be asked by both the judges and audience.  More details of the Stephenson Award competition evening.

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